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IntelliDash - Better Execution with APS and Analytics


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Webinar Summary

Most organizations use APS or MRP to manage their material and capacity based on demand. Executing the planned orders on the floor requires process control and operational discipline. Supply chain disruptions, machine breakdowns, tool failures, and unplanned time off create Execution Challenges.

During this webinar, we will explain some of the APS best practices that can result in better execution and how IntelliDash can help operations become more agile and react proactively to various constraints.

What will you learn?

How Analytics can improve the data quality for APS

Better data leads to a better plan

How much of the scheduled work was accomplished

Schedule Attainment - A KPI for the Planner

Managing the material for released jobs on the floor

How to manage material shortages on the floor

Manage Safety Stock more effectively

Identify the items and the ideal quantity for safety stock

Who should attend?

Webinar Speaker

Jay Janardhan

Jay Janardhan offers his clients over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing and Information Systems. An accomplished Manufacturing Systems Consultant, his knowledge and expertise has cumulated over several successful Syteline Implementations. With a rare blend of Manufacturing experience and comprehensive knowledge of various ERP product suites, business processes, and technical expertise, Jay’s areas of interest is in leveraging technology and data for better visibility and decision making in Manufacturing. Jay is also the co-founder of IntelliDash, an Analytics as a Service Company. This revolutionary idea brings down the overall cost of analytics for Manufacturing SMBs.

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