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IntelliDash - Inventory Best Practices with Analytics


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Webinar Agenda

Which items should we carry safety stock?

What Orders are ready to be shipped in full?

Improve Cycle Count Accuracy and eliminate the Annual Physical Inventory

How to identify excess inventory?

Identify and manage material shortages for Jobs and Customer Orders with ease.

KPIs like DIO, Days On Hand, Inventory Turns, Projected Inventory Value.

Webinar Summary

In this webinar, we focus on the best practices in Inventory Management. What KPIs do Supply Chain managers need to focus on? From setting the right safety stock levels to identifying potential stockouts, we show a few proactive ways to manage Inventory. 

Business users spend a significant portion of their time developing Dashboards and Reports with PowerBI or other DIY Reporting Tools rather than making Business Decisions. In this webinar, we will show you how IntelliDash effectively eliminates this effort for Business Users. IntelliDash is much more than a “Tool”. It is an “Analytics as a Service” platform. 

The IntelliDash team manages all aspects of your Business Intelligence/Reporting needs based on your Organization’s specific needs. Learn more about this innovative solution that is quickly being adopted by several Manufacturing Organizations that have long used traditional Reporting.

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Webinar Speaker

Jay Janardhan

Jay Janardhan offers his clients over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing and Information Systems. An accomplished Manufacturing Systems Consultant, his knowledge and expertise has cumulated over several successful Syteline Implementations. With a rare blend of Manufacturing experience and comprehensive knowledge of various ERP product suites, business processes, and technical expertise, Jay’s areas of interest is in leveraging technology and data for better visibility and decision making in Manufacturing. Jay is also the co-founder of IntelliDash, an Analytics as a Service Company. This revolutionary idea brings down the overall cost of analytics for Manufacturing SMBs.