Inventory Module


“The more inventory a company has, the less likely they will have what they need” – Taiichi Ohno (Father of the Toyota Production System). Visibility into what your inventory holds is the first step in analyzing inventory bottlenecks.

inventory-valuation and Analysis

Inventory Valuation and Analysis

The first order of business for any materials manager is to get a handle on the inventory valuation and classification.

Manage Inventory

Set the right safety stock levels, and Order Minimums to procure the right quantities.

Excess / Inactive / Obsolete Inventory

Identify excess inventory, inactive inventory and obsolete inventory to make the necessary accounting reserve entries. Excess inventory can cause a decrease in product turnover and a loss of profits, while stock-outs can cause backorders, unhappy customers and lost sales. Excess inventory can be measured by analyzing the existing demand and comparing with past consumption.

What does IntelliDash’s Inventory Module offer?

The following important questions can be addressed via our dashboards:

  • Inventory Valuation, Averages and Trends
  • Inventory Analysis by Ownership – Buyers and Planners
  • Can you Transfer-In inventory from another site instead of placing a new PO?
  • How is your Inventory trending for the 12 months by Warehouse or Item?
  • What should be the optimum Safety Stock for an item based on the historical demand for that item?
  • What items should be classified as Slow Moving or Obsolete?
  • What is the Inventory Turns for a specific item?


Pre-built dashboards

  • Historical Inventory Snapshots
  • Excess Inventory
  • Inactive Inventory
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Inventory Transactions & Usage Analysis
  • Safety Stock
  • Use/Sell Through %

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