Plant Manager


 Every Plant Manager wants to know the efficiency and productivity of his plant.  He also needs insight into what is being produced in the plant and whether there are any shortages or backlogs based on the current production schedule.   Plant Managers need data on the direct and indirect labor being charged against the products they are making and how that translates into the plant’s operational efficiency.  Having a view not only of the plants finished goods, but also of Work-In-Process (WIP) is critical to their success.

Plant-Manager Overview
plant manager report

Questions that every plant manager wants to know are

  • What are the dollars produced for the previous day (in Cost)?
  • How many payroll hours were consumed the previous day? 
  • How many direct hours were reported the previous day?
  • Ratio of Earned Hours to direct hours and Earned hours to Payroll hours. 
  • Production Backlog for the plant in Shipment Dollars (Projected Revenue)?
  • Production Backlog for the plant in hours by department?

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (syteline)

A Plant Manager’s primary focus is on the operations of the plant on a dailly, weekly, and monthly level.  To support this need there are dashboards showing direct and indirect hours reported by department, work center and employee.  There are also dashboards showing production backlog, production variance and material usage variance and if there are any material shortages.  Work-In-Process can also be understood via dashboards that display WIP over time and by Work Center, Product, and Item.  Lastly actual payroll hours can be viewed and compared to what is being claimed on the shop floor for both direct and indirect activities.

Plant Manager’s dashboards

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