Analytics Software for Manufacturing Organizations

IntelliDash is an “Analytics as a Service” solution for Manufacturing Organizations. IntelliDash leverages the organization’s data from various sources (CRM, ERP, Payroll, EPDM, PLM, WMS etc.), stores it in a data warehouse and renders dashboards/reports to users based on their roles and needs. IntelliDash is a cloud application accessible on a browser from any PC, tablet or mobile device.

How Our Product Can Help You



Quickly review which work center has not been producing to the standards. Analyze it by product or employee – Is it a training issue or is it a process issue? How did past jobs on the same item or work center measure up? Review the variances periodically to improve standards.



See how the vendor’s on time delivery performance, product quality rating and shop floor rejection rate have been trending over a period of time. Easily understand how quickly is the supplier responding to corrective action requests? Review all the above & more on IntelliDash Vendor Dashboards.



Quickly view a specific Customer’s Shipments, Bookings and Backlog by period. Know what is happening with major accounts efficiently. Spend more time interacting with customers, knowing that the necessary information is just a few clicks away, anytime, anywhere.



The Order Ship date is the deadline for the manufacturing team. Easily identify non inventory items that may not arrive in time to meet the ship date. Similarly see purchase order due dates that are out of line with the Ship Date. Act on these to correct them before they become a problem.

Functional Modules & KPI Measures


Measure KPIs such as Marketing Campaign ROI, No. of new leads, Opportunities Close Rate & much more


Measure Production KPIs such as Direct/Indirect Hours, Earned Hours, WIP & much more


Measure RMA by Customer, Year, Month, Item & Problem Code


Measure Key KPIs such as Sales Bookings, Shipments, Billings & Cash-Flow projection

Cost Analysis

Measure KPIs such as Variance Analysis & much more


Thought Leading Analysis

You have a question; You use the dashboard to get the answer which then leads to another question. These are what we call “Thought Leading” questions. IntelliDash facilitates ad-hoc analysis. Ideation allows you start with the big picture and drill down into territories, products, family code etc.

Intellidash Process Metrics

IntelliDash publishes several important metrics for each functional area within a Manufacturing Organization. These metrics are aligned with the business process and functionality of the ERP system. We work with you to align your process with the metric.

Actionable Reports

Follow-ups with Customers and Suppliers at the opportune time help in achieving your Targets and Delivery Dates. IntelliDash’s Actionable Reports ensure that your teams never miss such action items. Your Sales Team’s catch-up calls with customers with declining business activity or your Buyer’s POs that are yet to be acknowledged by the Supplier, the Actionable Reports provide the data at your team’s fingertips.

Intellidash Predictive

Predictive reports and dashboards use the historical data to make predictions for the following months or quarter. A trend of the sales for a specific product line or territory can be extrapolated using a specific model. A stock out alert can identify components with long lead times where there is a higher than usual demand.

“The Briefs”

Just like how we like to know the weather for the day before we step out, in each job role, we like to know key information with very little effort. A Salesperson wants to know the new orders placed by his key accounts and how much more he has to sell to reach his targets for the month. The Brief is an email based report that can be sent out internally to employees or Customers or Vendors periodically. A brief can be used to inform a customer about the shipments for the day with their tracking numbers.

Information from Multiple Systems to provide an holistic view

Import data from various applications into Intellidash to get a holistic perspective for your organization. Stand alone legacy systems, EPDM, Quality systems, shop floor applications, payroll, CRM, WMS etc. Dashboards can be rendered combining data from multiple applications.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation & Data Enrichment in IntelliDash is independent of the primary data sources (ERP, CRM, etc), alleviating you from the process of modifying the core applications to accommodate any reporting specific request.

Responsive Web Application

IntelliDash is entirely web based and responsive. Forget about having to VPN into your network to access your necessary reports. IntelliDash renders with the best user experience across PC, Tablet & Mobile.

Pre-Built dashboards

IntelliDash comes with predefined Dashboards that conform to the nuances of the customer’s ERP system. The dashboards are designed for a specific user role. These dashboards are developed and tuned based on feedback from users in specific roles.

Leveraging best in class software

IntelliDash uses best of breed analytics platforms to create and render dashboards with visually appealing design and excellent user interface.

KPIs from Infor CloudSuite Industrial™ (SyteLine)

List of the KPIs available from Day One of Go Live with IntelliDash. Of course, this is just a sample of what IntelliDash offers!

  • Production Efficiency
  • Production Yield
  • Production Backlog
  • Material Usage Variance
  • Work In Process (WIP)
  • Material Shortage
  • On Time Delivery
  • Inventory Turns
  • Excess Inventory
  • Days On Hand
  • Use/Sell Through
  • Recommended Safety Stock
  • Purchasing Spend Analysis
  • Purchasing Backlog
  • Vendor Analytics – Cost vs Delivery
  • Purchase Price Variance
  • Purchasing Cost Trends
  • Item Consumption Trends
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • Recommended Lead Time
  • Average Inventory Value
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Days Inventory Outstanding
  • Days Payable Outstanding
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Vendor On Time Delivery
  • Cycle Count %
  • Gross Margin %
  • Sales YTD
  • Booking YTD
  • Order Backlog
  • Employee Utilization

Case Study

Business Challenge

  • Sales team lacked a system to Communicate Monthly/Yearly targets to Sales executives.
  • Sales team was unable to track Executive’s metrics on a Daily/Monthly basis.
  • As the Sales Executives were on the field, they had to VPN to access key information to understand their current status.
  • Sales Managers spend considerable effort to prepare reports for the Monthly review meeting with Management team.


  • Integrated the Sales Module of the ERP system to Intellidash and deployed the Sales Dashboard
  • Leveraged “The Briefs” functionality of IntelliDash to send out Daily/Weekly automated emails to Sales Executives with info on key metrics in relation to the Targets.
  • Sales Managers could drive Monthly review meeting directly from the IntelliDash dashboards

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