CFO KPI Dashboard


CFOs need to understand the financial commitments of the manufacturing organization both in a real time sense and where the business is trending and has been historically.  This includes any functional areas in which financial commitments are made such as in Materials , Inventory , Purchase Orders , Payroll , Accounts Payable , Accounts Receivable and Budgets.  Lastly CFOs need Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics to understand the health of the business as to whether Margins and Sales Order Bookings are sufficient to support the health of the organization as it is currently structured.

CFO KPI Dashboard Overview
Chief Financial metrics

What does IntelliDash offer these Financial executives?

The following important questions can be addressed via our Financial KPI Dashboard:

  • Inventory Valuation, Averages and Trends
  • Production Direct , Indirect and Earned hours
  • Production and Sales Backlogs
  • Bookings Margins by Item, Product Code , Region , Salesperson  and Time Period 
  • Accounts Payable Aging and Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Accounts Receivable Payments 
  • Purchase Order Commitments 
  • Purchasing Cost Savings and Purchase Price Variances
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Non-Inventory Purchases

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine)

On IntelliDash, a Manufacturing Organization’s Financial Executive has several summarized Executive level dashboards that provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on Accounts Receivables , Accounts Payable , Inventory Status , Backlogs in Sales and Production , Sales and Invoicing and Shipments.  In addition there are multiple dashboards that support a detailed analysis of the financial status of the different functional areas of the business including: Production , Purchasing , Inventory, Payroll , Sales and  Services. These Financial KPI metrics enables a CFO to assess the financial health of the business both in real time and historically.  

CFO dashboard metrics

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