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Roles in a Manufacturing Organization

CFO’s need to understand the financial commitments of the organization both in a real time sense and where the business is trending and has been historically

COO’s and Presidents need clear and concise operational data and insight as to its impact on near and long term goals.  

A Vice President of Sales will need information about sales from a product perspective along with information regarding his sales team and how they are performing

 A Sales Manager typically is very focused on the ongoing cadence and execution of the sales process

A Director of Supply Chain is very concerned with being able to support the manufacturing needs both in timeliness of product and in quality of product

Keeping the optimum quantity of product on the shelf from raw materials to finished goods and managing the process to maintain inventory accuracy is a challenge  for every materials manager

Every Plant Manager wants to know the efficiency and productivity of his plant.  He also needs insight into what is being produced in the plant and whether there are any shortages or backlogs based on the current production schedule

The team leads are responsible for producing the goods based on the scheduled work at their respective work centers

A Director of Procurement is tasked with acquiring products from outside vendors in a cost effective and time appropriate manner

Purchasing Managers are focused on managing a specific set of purchased components for the organization

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