Director of Procurement


A Director of Procurement is tasked with acquiring products from outside vendors in a cost effective and time appropriate manner.  This role requires an operationally efficient set of processes for issuing purchase orders, documenting the vendors response to these purchase orders, tracking the vendors performance, and managing the cost for a broad spectrum of items used in the organization.   It also requires some insight into the financial obligations that procurement is making for the organization.  The role requires a perspective for managing the operational details but also an ability to manage the broad overall delivery of value to the organization through its vendors and the components they supply 

Director of Procurement overview
Director of Procurement report

Questions that the Director of Procurement wants to know are

  • What is my spend with my different vendors and who are my largest vendors?
  • How are my vendors performing against their commitments for promised  delivery dates?
  • How do my vendors rank against all our important vendor performance metrics?  
  • What is our organization’s financial commitments based on our open purchase orders?
  • What is our spending on indirect items?
  • Where do we have significant variances in cost for items versus our standard cost?
  • What is our overall backlog of PO’s issued and acknowledged versus unacknowledged?
  • What items are backlogged and from what vendors?

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine)

 Dashboards are provided that show the spend by Item, Product Code and Vendor.  These dashboards include the ability to filter by dollar amount, quantity and to only see the top values in these categories.  There are also dashboards that show how Vendors are performing in regards to On Time Deliveries and whether they are acknowledging Purchase Orders that have been issued.  There is data available in our dashboards that show over time the commitments that have been made based on Purchase Orders issued.  The system also contains the ability to develop a Vendor Scorecard that can be used as part of a Vendor Management strategy.

Director of Procurement dashboards

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