Materials Manager


Keeping the optimum quantity of product on the shelf from raw materials to finished goods and managing the process to maintain inventory accuracy is a challenge  for every materials manager.  Knowing not only the amount of a certain item at a point in time, but also knowing how that is trending over time are important metrics for Materials Managers.  Materials Managers need actionable analytics that allow them to make timely and data driven decisions, such as setting safety stock levels based on hitting service level targets.

Questions that the Materials Manager wants to know are

  • What is the value of inventory?
  • How has the value been trending over the last 12 months? 
  • What is the current value of obsolete or slow moving inventory?
  • What is the value of excess inventory based on 12 months of usage?
  • What was the on hand quantity last week for a specific item prior to certain transactions?. 
  • What is the usage of an item by month? 
  • What is the recommended safety stock for an item that has delivery or availability issues?
  • Are there items we keep in stock that are no longer being used? 

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (syteline)

A Materials Manager has to manage a specific set of components that are used to produce finished goods.  In most organizations, there are too many components needed to manage this on an individual basis.  Dashboards provided by IntelliDash allow the materials manager to see what inventory is on hand, what the demand is for that inventory and if any shortages or excesses exist for that inventory.  A specific dashboard exists to allow safety stock levels to be set based pre-defined service levels across all items.  There are also dashboards available to identify inactive items and items which are in excess of the existing demand.

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