Procurement Manager KPIs


Procurement Managers are focused on managing a specific set of purchased components for the organization. Typically these are related items that are acquired external to the organization and are included in the ultimate end products produced by the organization. KPIs for a Purchasing Manager looks at include Item Cost, On Time Delivery performance of a Vendor, Reject rate of a Vendor’s products, and how well that Vendor communicates any variances in cost, delivery and quality to the organization

Purchasing Manager Overview
Purchasing Manager report

Insights that matter for a Purchasing Manager

  • What Purchase Orders are due in the next 7 days (quick review by vendor)?
  • Which Purchase Orders are running late? 
  • Which Purchase Orders are still unacknowledged?
  • Reviewing the Vendor Pricing and on-time delivery prior to a meeting.
  • What is the overall performance of a specific Vendor based on metrics that are important to us?  (i.e. Vendor Scorecard)
  • What has been my individual performance as a Purchasing Manager in acquiring quality products at a lower price?

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine)

Dashboards for a Purchasing Manager on IntelliDash provide the visibility into the Purchase Orders issued that are due in the near future with details by Item, Product Code & Vendor.  There are dashboards that include the ability to see which Purchase Orders have been acknowledged by the Vendor and which have not been acknowledged.  There is a capability to look at a specific Vendor’s performance against On Time Delivery metrics and whether the pricing from that Vendor matches what was issued in the Purchase Order.  A Vendor Scorecard also can be created for each Vendor based on the criteria and weighting the organization deems to be important.  A Procurement Manager can also see their performance in reducing costs on specific items versus historical purchasing patterns. 

Purchasing Manager dashboards

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