Work Center Team Leads


The team leads are responsible for producing the goods based on the scheduled work at their respective work centers. They keep the machines working, the workers assigned and they also perform contingency planning as needed to get the product moving.

Questions that every work center lead wants to know include

  • What has been produced in the specific work center? 
  • What did a specific operator produce? 
  • How many indirect hours were reported yesterday?
  • What are the earned hours for the work center?
  • How does earned hours compare to direct hours reported?
  • What work was scheduled at the work center but not completed?
  • How much  in-process scrap was recorded at the work center yesterday?
  • How do our standards compare to what is actually being claimed?

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine)

A Work Center Team Lead’s focus is on the operations of their particular Work Center.  Dashboards are provided that show direct and indirect hours reported by department, work center , and employee.  There are also dashboards showing earned hours that can be filtered by Operation , Work Center , Department and even to the individual Employee level.  Production Variance reported hours can be viewed at the Job and Operation level and compared against the Earned Hours. Work Standards can also be viewed and compared as to what is claimed versus what the standard says actually should have been claimed.   

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