Vice President of Sales


A Vice President of Sales will need information about sales from a product perspective along with information regarding his sales team and how they are performing.  This includes information about current sales performance and historical sales performance.  The ability to view this data from multiple perspectives such as by geography, by product code, by customer, by timeframe, by salesperson, etc. is critical.  Other significant information that a Sales Vice President needs include details on Sales Backlog , Sales Margins , Top Customers , Sales On Time Delivery , Quotes or Estimates being generated and,or expiring.  

A Vice President of Sales Overview
A Vice President of Sales Performance

What does IntelliDash offer these executives?

The following important questions can be addressed via our dashboards:

  • Sales Performance against targets by geography
  • Sales Performance of individual sales people against targets over multiple timeframes 
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Product Code and Item
  • Daily and Monthly New Orders and Invoiced Dollars
  • Bookings Margin by Product Code, Customer, Salesperson, Territory, etc. 
  • Sales Backlog by Customer, Product Code, Salesperson, Geography, etc. 
  • Sales On-Time Delivery performance by Customer
  • Estimates in Dollars by Customer, Item, Territory, Salesperson

Pre-built dashboards for Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine)

A Sales Executive has several summarized Executive level dashboards that provide aggregate data on New Orders and Invoiced amounts.  In addition there are multiple dashboards that support a detailed analysis of the Sales team by Salesperson, Geography, Product Codes, Customers and Customer Types.  There is detailed information on dashboards concerning Estimates (Or Quotes) being generated by Salesperson, Territory, Customer, Item, etc.  With details on Margins a Sales Executive can also stay informed on whether the sales being generated are profitable to the business.  There is a complete set of dashboards for a Sales Executive to manage the business via multiple dimensions and with whatever level of granularity they choose to pursue.

Sales Executive dashboard

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